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To scout and review hot deals and great products.

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 About our company 

At Discount Clerks, we work hard every day to provide you with extraordinary, non-biased reviews for hot products and items on sale. We utilise our own algorithm and our amazing partners' opportunities to supply you what's need to make a profitable purchase.

Nowadays, people are overwhelmed with information and they don't really understand what they have to actually look in buying products, therefore they tend to buy goods they don't really like or they don't fullfil their expectations.

We have exclusively built a testing team to back up our product review ratings and what is advertised by the seller company.


Lora Nilsen

Offline manager

Lora is our connection with the offline world, she takes cares of what people need.

Richard Right

Chief Engineering Officer

Richard is guiding the engineering team. He is an extremely passionate developer.

Kelly Nolan

Testing Supervisor

Kelly is leading the review testing team and is scouting for valuable opportunities.

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